Saturday, January 2, 2016

What is the truth or dare game ?

Truth or dare is one of those fun games commonly played during sleepovers and sometimes in home parties. This is one game where everyone can have fun when everything is controlled and all players understand the rules. The minimum number of players required for a game of truth or dare is two but the more the merrier. 

How The Game Is Played 

The game usually begins with all players sitting in circle or even around a table. Every player has to feel comfortable and anyone not playing the game shouldn’t be within the circle or within earshot. They should leave the room or move as far away as possible. 
After every player is comfortable and ready to play the game, the rules must be set first and agreed upon. Any penalties for violation of the rules should also be discussed by all players and an agreement should be reached. It is always important to ensure that the rules and penalties are appropriate for the all the players’ ages and they also shouldn’t go against the law of the land. The game is then began by choosing one player to begin and they are asked to choose either truth or dare.  For ideas for dare or truth questions, you can visit

What Truth & Dare Means 

Truth means having to truthfully answer questions about their life, some intimate things or any other interesting questions. If the player lies then the agreed penalty is given to them. 

Dare on the other hand means the player is asked to do something funny or a difficult or daring task. They could be asked to dance, eat some not appetizing food, sing a funny song or do another very funny thing that they would clearly be uncomfortable doing. One rule applies to all dares, they must not be risky and if a dare is not valid, all players have to suggest another dare. 

There comes a time when a player doesn’t know what to choose and in such a situation they are subjected to Random truth or dare. This game doesn’t have points but the players can set a target such as finishing the game after six rounds, that is when all the players have completed their truths and dares six times. There are also no winners and losers in this game except maybe for the players who are expelled from the game due to many penalties.

Useful Tips To Keep In Mind 
· It is always important to steer clear of any truth or dare questions and activities that contain nudity or any other sexual material if any player(s) in the game are underage.
· Never ever agree to do anything dangerous on a dare or answer any questions that make you feel uncomfortable no matter how much all the players urge you to. Stick to your decision of not doing or saying anything that is not right at all times.
· Be very careful of the dares or questions you ask a person, even though it is a game, it can affect that person’s perception of you or evoke new feelings about you. 
· Respect any player’s decision of not wanting to do something or answer a question especially if it makes them uncomfortable. Don’t feel bad if they refuse something like you daring them to kiss your pet frog. 

Truth or dare remains one of the coolest games to play during home parties or sleepovers. With the above information and useful tips about the game you should truly enjoy your truth or dare game.

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